Good photographs are a must if you wish to stand out and be counted. If you need photographs for your website, social media feeds, product photos or a head shot, we can help


You need to be on social media to survive and thrive in today’s digital economy. Not sure which platforms are the right fit for your business? We can help you figure out what is best for your business. We assist with set up as well as personalized one-on-one training. If you are on social media, but just don’t have time to be posting consistently, we offer a variety of social media management packages specifically designed for small business and artisans. Ask us how we can help.


For artisans and small business owners, there are many tasks that need attention on a daily basis. We understand small business doesn’t always have the means to hire staff on a permanent basis to tackle some of the tasks to grow their business. We offer hourly and project-based services to help you get things done. Tell us what you need so we can help you get it done.


Have you been meaning to write that blog post or tackle that newsletter? Maybe you wish to reword the content on your website or need help creating social media content. We have extensive experience in business and creative writing and are here to help.


In today’s digital world, you need a web presence. Websites supply information, show your body of work and help reach new customers. Whether you need a basic website, multi-faceted or an e-commerce site, we have experienced web designers to help you create a website within your budget.


Does your business have a visual identity that clearly defines your company, product or service? You have 1 chance to make a first impression.  First impressions never have a second chance. We can help you create a brand that is uniquely yours


Marketing at its core is communication. As a small business you need to communicate the right message at the right time to the right people. We help you create The Write Content for your business. If you need help with a Marketing Plan, we have created a Simple 1 Page Marketing Plan designed for small business. Do you need an overall audit of your marketing activities? Ask about us about the Quick & Dirty and The Long Game.


Do you need a new logo or refresh of an existing one? We have an experienced graphic designer ready to help you create something unique for your brand.


We offer personalized one-on-one coaching sessions for artisans and small business. Let us help you grow in the right direction.

I would highly recommend Barbara to any business or
individual that needs mentoring and help in
expanding their business.”

Lynne Cepin, Threaded Needle Design

Let’s create something beautiful together.