Clubhouse The Latest Big Social Networking App

As is the case with the social media, it is an ever evolving landscape.   The latest app that is all the buzz is Clubhouse.    It is a new social media platform that is audio-based in which you have the opportunity to lead or participate in conversations on subject matters that are of interest to you.  Some liken it to networking at a conference or a cocktail party. In the Clubhouse app, you enter into rooms with a conversation in full swing. You can also be notified in advance of upcoming events. When in the room, you have the opportunity to chime in on conversations if the moderator of the room allows, or you can stand by and listen.  It is an opportunity to meet people and make connections from around the world. 

As this app is voice-based, there are no in app messaging options where you can send someone a quick note with a direct message. The app allows everyone to create a bio which has links to your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Thus, if you wish to connect with someone directly outside of Clubhouse, this is where you can reach out to them.

If you want a good general overview of how Clubhouse works, we invite you check out Tasia Custode’s You Tube video. She gives a good overview of the ins and outs of the app.

If are already on Clubhouse and trying to find your way, we invite you to check out Michael Stelzner’s piece Clubhouse App For Business which sets out best practices.

All conversations on Clubhouse are live with no recordings. As such, it has created a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) on great content and/or connections so people are staying on this app longer. Although it’s new and exciting, we encourage you to think about what you want to get from Clubhouse, and how it can help you achieve your goals in business. Like all social media apps, there is great opportunity, but the key is how you use them to get the biggest benefit.

Clubhouse The Latest Big Social Networking App by @consultcreateve

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